Take Me Back Tuesday

I am exhausted, I am stressed, I am sad. I really don’t know what to post or where to begin, so I am going to take the easy way out and do a meme. I found this one at http://www.musicalmemoirs.blogdrive.com.

Musical Firsts (How many can you remember)

First CD/Album Purchased: I think it was a 45 of “Beth” by KISS

First Concert: Def Leppard (I was 12; Stacy Queen’s dad took us at the Fairgrounds)

First Over 21 Show: Age of Exposure at the Ambler Cabaret

First Musical Obsession: Very first was Shawn Cassidy. Somewhere in the mix was a long obsession with Prince…

First Musical Crush: Shawn Cassidy

First Musical/Musical Movie: The first musical movie I saw was Mary Poppins when I was 5 (at the drive in)

First Stereo: Don’t think it even had a brand name

First Portable Device/Player: Cassette deck of some kind

First Musical Format Owned (i.e. LP, Cassette, 8 Track, CD) LP (45)

First 45/CD Single Purchased: Again, I think it was “Beth” by KISS but am not sure…

Tagging anyone interested in doing this one!

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