Heavy Heart

You may remember me mentioning Amazing Jacob, a little boy with cancer whom I list in my links. Jacob became an angel last night and is now finally healed and in the arms of our Father in heaven.

My heart breaks for his family. I have constantly been astounded by their faith and their full reliance on God throughout this – even though I too believe that God can do all things. I know that I and so many others around the world prayed in earnest for Jacob to be healed here on earth, knowing that it was God’s will – not ours – that would be the final say. As recently as Saturday, during a pray vigil time that was set for Jacob, I was praying for his healing on earth but also acknowledging God’s will in the situation – even if it would not be what we would want.

I know that God hears all of our prayers. It saddens me and breaks my heart that Jacob has left this world but I know that many people’s faith was strengthen through him and that some people came to faith through this amazing family. God’s timing is not our timing and his ways are not our ways. We may not understand it now but there is a reason for everything – even this.

Please pray for the Duckworth family – for Heather, Donnie, Devin, Brandon & Kyle, as well as their friends and extended family during this time.

4 thoughts on “Heavy Heart

  1. Tricia, I have been reading this page since August and have grown to love this family for the faith they show. Thank you for indroducing them to me from your page. I was sad to read the morning, I will continue to always pray for them. Thanks again for your post! Shannon 🙂

  2. Hello Tricia, I saw that you visited my page, so came over.Sad to read your post today; I've always thought losing a child was the “more than you can bear”, so will be praying for this family. We know life here is “fading grass” but also we have a Father who understands when we here on earth hurt.

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