Day of Rest

I had big plans for today.

To do nothing.

And in a way, I suppose I succeeded, but not as I had hoped.

After yesterday’s whirlwind, I decided that no matter how long the to do list was (and it just seems to keep growing!), I was going to come home from church and relax. If I felt like doing anything around the house, it would be because I chose to, not because I felt like I had to.

Today was our first Sunday doing full-service children’s ministry. We’ve been working up to this for years and decided it was finally time to leap. Basically, when the kids arrive with their parents, they now can come into Adventure Theater where we have games & crafts set up and music playing. We have a somewhat unstructured time together, hanging out, and then break into our groups for a connection question before worship time. Before, we would have the kids stay with the parents until after adult worship time was over and then come in and worship. Needless to say, they weren’t digging it. Plus, there wasn’t anything for them to do except run amok through the church before service started…and run amok is exactly what many of them did.

So, we put out the crafts and activities, turned on the music and waited for the kids to arrive. We didn’t have as many as we had hoped in the beginning but we did have a good time. And I got to actually spend time talking with the kids instead of being so focused on teaching them…and that was really nice. I think it is going to make a huge difference in our lives – ours and the kids – and in our church.

But toward the end, I started to get a terrible headache. This has been happening for some time on Sunday mornings. I actually had one week where I had to sit down afterwards and Kym & Kim were bringing me water & taking care of me because I felt so sick and totally wiped out by a headache like this. I went to the dr and he felt it was low blood sugar, caused by my breakfast of Starbucks. So I cut out my weekly Starbucks treat : ( . This morning, knowing I had a full morning, I actually ate some cereal – which is unusual for me. But again, the same deal. I chalked it up again to blood sugar and ran through a drive thru on the way to a baptism of two of my youths but still felt increasingly crummy. I convinced myself it was allergies and tried to lie down and rest but it turned into a full blown migraine. Joy!! So my day of rest was indeed one of rest – but not a comfortable, relaxing rest as I had hoped.

I just can’t figure it out. I understand the low blood sugar theory and all that. Maybe I just waited too long to get something to eat when it came on? I don’t know but I can’t keep ending up like this every Sunday. I end up in bed most Sunday afternoons…which in theory should be a good thing. But I’d rather be watching a movie or reading a book or watching the race.

I think my diet needs a massive overhaul. I was doing well with smaller meals and such during the week and felt a lot better but the weekends I fall back into my patterns of no breakfast, quick lunch and dinner…nothing really in between because I am constantly running. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Day of Rest

  1. Nope. It definitely correlates to Sunday. Maybe it's just because I am so out of shape, dancing around with the kids literally sucks the life out of me?

  2. I've only had one migraine and it was a nightmare. Mine occurred after I had finally gotten a vacation to relax after I had lived through several extremely stressful months at work. I read up on migraines and found that if stress if your normal way of life, finally relaxing can trigger a migraine. If you can believe what you find on the internet. 🙂

    Eating healthier can't hurt. Take care of yourself.

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