Scrappin’ Saturday

I couldn’t find anything witty to post about that began with “F” yesterday. (I kept coming up with “frantic”, “frenetic”, and “frenzied”…which would have been accurate but hard to put down in words). So today we have Scrappin’ Saturday. I spent several hours last night working on the scrapbook for The One Who is Leaving. I’m almost finished. I want to write something nice on the last page and I have to do a personal page from me as well but that shouldn’t be a big deal. I’m pretty pleased with it and hope that everyone remembers to bring me their pages tomorrow. I really don’t want to have to scramble next Sunday to put it together before the picnic.

ANYWAY, today was also a big scrapbooking day. My aunt is up from Florida and had asked if I could help her with a Red Hat scrapbook. I said sure and she & my mom came up. Neither of them scrapbook but after an hour or so they were cropping and putting on embellishments and having themselves a good old time. I’ve never done a whole scrapbook in a day – until today! She still has some things to add and needs to journal in about what everything is but for the most part, it’s together. Whoo! And we also had lunch out and went shopping. What a day! I’m pooped. But now I have to prepare the Adventure Theater lesson for tomorrow and make dinner. After that, though, it’s all about lying on the couch watching tv. Ah, how I dream of not having anything to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Scrappin’ Saturday

  1. I have so many pictures to scrapbook and I just can't find the time. I'm going to try digital scrapbooking…maybe that will be a little bit easier!! I'm glad you had fun with your mom and aunt.

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