I Don’t Like Mondays

While that’s true, it has little do with this post. It’s just the song that is stuck in my head at the moment as I fulfill the drudgery that is known as housework.

I fought against it all day long and now here I am, at 10 PM when I should be getting to bed, cleaning the house. Where does this guilt come from? It makes me feel like since I spent the majority of the day reading and visiting IKEA, that I can’t simply sit and watch a movie like I’d planned. Instead, I have to go about putting my house back in order – doing dishes, doing wash, straightening up, finding things that got displaced by the living room makeover a home – at this hour.

There is something about my house being a wreck and things out of the places where they should be. It makes me feel off-kilter, somehow. I guess during the week I’m so busy running around and so tired that it doesn’t affect me as much. But now, I keep looking around and trying to figure out where things should be and feeling frustrated that I let it get this way.

5 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Mondays

  1. Do you ever sit and talk on the phone and look around the room you are in and think “that box needs to be moved over there” and “those socks should be picked up and put in the laundry”. the next day when I am spending time actually doing the chore I wonder why I just sat and looked at it the day before.

    I have issues about a clean house, too. When the rare visitor comments on it's neatness with four children around I tell then it is my “illness”. Must clean the house…

    How have you been, Tricia? It has been too long since we talked. Your blog is wonderful.

  2. All the time!

    It's great to hear from you – it has indeed been too long. I hope you are all doing well. I keep thinking about spiriting away and coming down for a visit but can't ever figure out a “good” time.

  3. You can bet that Mommy's in a good mood when the house is clean…And the dog is clean too. I have a cleaning lady that comes once every 2 weeks and it is the BEST 70 bucks I've ever spent. I do admit that I clean for the cleaning lady before she comes though! I don't want her wasting her time picking up stuff when she can be scrubbing down stuff! 😉

  4. I know your pain on this one. Our kids have taken turns being sick over the past two weeks, and nearly NOTHING is getting done at home!

    My wife spends all day holding the baby and the two year old until her arms are about ready to fall off, and then it's my turn when I get home.

    It's enough to fantasize about huge garbage bags and a vacuum cleaner the size of a Toyota. Maybe just fire-hosing the place down with Comet. I seriously need to take a day off from work to clean. It does really start to affect you after a while…

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