I’m in Love

…with Dream Dinners!

I first heard about Dream Dinners from a friend a met at a baby shower in December. I was intrigued by the thought that you could go to their place, make up 12 meals that feed 4 – 6 people (good meals, much fancier meals than I am accustomed to as of late), freeze them and have them whenever you’d like.  Since then, I’ve learned of a few people I know who are doing it and I started researching it more and more on the website.  I liked what I saw but when we went for a “sneak peek” that my friend Nancy arranged on Monday…I fell in love.

With my crazy schedule, I have a lot of difficulty with meal planning. If I get home five to 10 minutes later than I expect, it can totally throw off what I had planned. For a while, I’ve felt like I was eating badly and feeling crummy – plus wasting food when I don’t have time to make it and it goes bad.

I signed up for a session later this month where I’ll make 12 meals (plus an extra one for going to the sneak peak). The thought of actually having that many meals made up makes me so very happy! Variety, good nutritional value, what more can you ask for? Dream Dinners provides all the supplies you need right down to the seasonings and the ziploc bags. You just take the main portion of the meal (for instance, chicken) and then mix all the remaining ingredients in a bag with it. Take it home and freeze it or make it right away. Viola! A healthy, easy dinner.

Last night I had the meal we made at the sneak peek. Lemon garlic chicken piccata. It was simply heavenly – and something I probably never would have made myself.


5 thoughts on “I’m in Love

  1. Yup! Dream Dinners is awesome! I started going over a year ago. Money is kinda tight right now so I've had to give it up. But I miss it soooo much! Once we have more leeway in out budget, you bet I'm coming back!

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