What a week. Things went well at my new job…I have to admit, I miss my friends from “the old place” a lot. I know I will eventually make friends here, but it is so hard. Everyone is really busy, so I haven’t had a chance to really talk to anyone too much. I’m hoping that will change in the coming weeks.

It was also hard because of everything with David. He has been very sick and spent several days in the ICU. He finally was moved last night but didn’t really show too much improvement until late this afternoon after another procedure. I’m praying that he continues to improve and can come home early in the week – for his sake, and Michelle’s. This has been so hard on her. Not the way to begin the new year. I told him tonight when I visited that we’d have to ring in the new year again when he gets out and start all over again!

I went to the see The Family Stone tonight with Kris. I had heard it was really funny…and parts of it were. But parts of it were sad, too. Overall, though, I’d say it was a good flick. (Roger Ebert I am not, sorry.)

Well, I am exhausted. I am just wrapping up a few things for sunday school tomorrow and then I am off to bed. Much to do again tomorrow!

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