When it rains, it pours.

They say that changing jobs is one of those major life stressors and it definitely is. But couple that with spending yesterday in the ER with Michelle & David, trying to find out what was causing him excruciating pain, him getting admitted, Michelle calling this morning to say they had moved him to ICU because his blood pressure dropped and his heart was racing and he couldn’t breathe…and then calling back to tell me they were taking him into surgery because it was his appendix…wow, what a day.

It is a miracle that his appendix did not burst – they said it was very close and I praise God that they figured it out in time and got it out. He’s in ICU tonight again for monitoring and I’m praying that he is now on the road to recovery.

Besides all that, my first day of work was very good. It was a kind of getting acclimated day but I already have a lot of work to do. I prefer it that way, though – being busy makes the day go faster. I met a lot of people and my supervisor seems very nice. We’re going to have lunch with the rest of our department tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to remember everyone I met so quickly today!

My commute is shorter, which is nice. I had hoped for earlier hours but it didn’t work out. Oh well – I can sleep longer in the morning!

I was glad to see so many emails from my peeps at the old job today. I miss them! I’m glad that my new office is relatively close so we can still lunch sometimes and maybe get together after work now and again. With all my stress there, I really did make a lot of good friends.

Well, my exhaustion is taking over. I need to get some things done around this place…so I am off. Later, gators.


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