Tis the season…

…for me to get sick, fa la la la, la la la la.

I don’t know what it is about the holidays but I truly can’t remember one when I wasn’t sick. I made it through Christmas day ok but now am battling a cold. So much for my time off from work! I hope I can get well enough to do everything I have planned for the rest of the week…

I had planned to post when I got home on Christmas evening but didn’t have the energy. Christmas Eve had been draining for various reasons (though I was glad to have some time to catch up with my friend Matt who was visiting from Colorado) and I was feeling slightly under the weather. But we ate a lot of food, visited with relatives and had a nice time before I headed out. My uncle lives off the beaten path and man, was it foggy! But thankful I made it home without getting lost or having any problems.

Yesterday was shopping day – I got up early and redeemed my gift cards and stocked up on Christmas supplies for next year. But by one o’clock the cold was kicking in and I took a siesta. Watched Polar Express last night – very good! I highly recommend it. I may have to add it to my holiday movie repetoire!

Today I had lunch with my mom and her best friend Rose. It was nice to get together and catch up but I was really feeling crummy by the time I got home. So back to bed with me again until now. I feel like I’m not accomplishing anything I wanted to get done this week and it’s bugging me! At least I have Adventure Theater planned for Sunday – that’s a BIG something, I guess.

Well, I’m off to try to get some other things done around here. TTFN!

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