It is Finished

Yesterday was my last day at my job. It feels so strange to think I won’t be going back there in the new year, that I’ll be completely starting over somewhere new. I’m nervous, but excited at the same time.

Last night, we had a little Christmas party over at a friend’s house. It was a great time and I got to meet my friend’s buddy, Ron. Ron has been serving in Iraq since this summer and is home for the holidays. It’s funny – I couldn’t stop thinking about him last night when I got home and today. As much as many of us (myself definitely included) complain about our jobs…Ron’s got a job where people are literally shooting at him while he does it. The whole thing is really hard for me to get my brain around. I pray that he will be safe when he returns to Iraq and that he’ll make it through his tour over there unscathed. If you think of it, say a prayer for Ron…and for all the other men & women involved in this war. It doesn’t matter what your politics are or how you feel about the President or the war…these are people, away from their loved ones, facing danger every day.

Kind of puts other things in perspective…

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