Can I take a vacation from life?

I am so weary! It has been a few whirlwind weeks, culminating with a botched Halloween Alternative event Monday, a drs appt yesterday where they told me I wasn’t sick enough yet for an antibiotic but should be by next Monday so I can call then, and an overflowing toilet leaking into my (newly kind of finished) basement. So last night was a marathon of cleaning.

It has been a banner week so far! I am hoping the rest of it is completely uneventful. I NEED completely uneventful!!!!!

I’m going to swipe something from Joyful Mayhem to try to adjust my attitude here – laments & gratitudes:

1. Being sick
2. Plumbing problems
3. Cat throwing up on my new shoes (which one, I do not know but that was my joy this morning)
4. Not getting enough sleep (apparently ever, for I am always tired)
5. Not being able to visit Kym and baby Josh since he’s been home because of the lingering sickness


1. I haven’t totally succumb to my cold yet
2. I ordered Christmas presents for the kids today
3. I have some Christmas ideas brewing for the grown ups too
4. Youth group is moving to Wednesdays so my Sunday evenings will be free starting this week
5. I’m starting a home group at my house next Monday, so I’ll only have to be out one weeknight most weeks instead of three or more.

Ah, that’s better. Things are not always as bleak as they seem. Sometimes you just need a reality check! : )

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