Dear Little Me

I’m stealing an idea from Reality Check. (Thanks for the great idea, Cheryl!) Her writing teacher asked them to bring in a picture of themselves that intrigued them. They were then asked to write a letter to themselves, at the age they were in the photo. I don’t have too many photos of me – those are mainly at my mom’s, I guess. But I’ll use the one I use with my profile. I think it must have been about two or three.

Dear Little Me,

What can I say, Little Me? What advice can I impart to you so many years down the road? Life is going to take some interesting turns for you – some good, some not so good. You’re going to have to struggle through some tough things as a preteen and teenager that no one else you know will be going through. But you will get through it – and you will only be stronger for it.

You will find that people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Sometimes that will be really difficult to deal with…other times you will be glad that it is so. There will be some milestones when people pass from your life that will stay with you always. Try to keep in mind the good things and don’t spend too much time with the whys. Make sure to always make time for your friends and loved ones. They are so important in your life – moreso than words can ever say.

You’ll learn that you can’t fix people – no matter how hard you try. People can change on their own…but you can’t make them.

You’ll make some really big mistakes in your early twenties and do and say some things that can never be taken back. You’ll find yourself alone a lot – and sometimes that will be a rejuvenating experience. Other times, it’ll just be a lonely one.

This will sound unbelieveable but as you near your thirties, God is going to meet you where you are and turn things around. He’ll help you to get past the mistakes and set you back on your feet again. He’ll also bring you into a new family who will love and care for you, who will see your gifts and help you find ways to use them. These people will help you learn and grow in ways you never considered.

You’ll be blessed with children – about 32 of them, to be exact, to teach and love and care for each week while their parents entrust them to you. You’ll even have some teenagers at a young age – and you’ll learn more from them than they’ll learn from you.

And the rest, Little Me? Well, I’m not sure yet. There is a whole blank canvas ahead, waiting for the broad brushstrokes and fine details to appear. Whatever may lie ahead, it will be an adventure! And remember, no matter what you do, have no regrets. If you live the rest of your life that way, you’ll never need to look back and say, “what if…” – and that may be the most important thing.


6 thoughts on “Dear Little Me

  1. Thank you! I think it is a great idea. Maybe in the spring, I'll need to look into a writing class nearby. It's been a long time since I've focused on it – and I miss it. Your assignment was great.

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