Even in the midst of devastation…

…there are still miracles at work in this world.

I went to Jacob’s site this morning, worried about what I would find. He had been doing better the last few days and was even off the oxygen. But I was still concerned. Well, my friends, it seems a miraculous work is afoot. Since Jacob was doing so well, they decided they might want to do another round of chemotherapy on him but first wanted to run a tumor marker test. This test generally will show if the treatment is working or not. And this time – it’s working! The numbers have dropped significantly and are showing that the tumor is dying! They’ve decided to go with another round of chemo for now and see what happens.

Please keep praying for Jacob and his family! It is amazing to me the strength and faith the Duckworth family has through it all. They are a real inspiration to me and so many others.

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