I can’t begin to express my feelings about the tragedy on the Gulf coast. I am a news junkie and spent most of Sunday afternoon and evening lying on my bed flipping between CNN, FoxNews and the Weather Channel. I became very attached to one reporter on Fox who was in the French Quarter and who was becoming increasingly concerned about his own safety and that of the people he had met as the day wore on. I watched in disbelief as they packed thousands of folks who had no where to go and no means to go into the Superdome.

I am in awe of the power of that which we have no control over – weather disasters, fire, etc. It is unbelievable to me how much devastation can be wrought in a few hours – lives lost and homes destroyed. I think it will be a few days until we truly know the depth of this tragedy but I already feel the grief for all that is lost.

I wish that I could pick up and go down there to help in any way. I wish I could even just help one person. It troubles me to not be able to do that when things like this happen…

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