Hither and Yon, Hither and Yon

Last week was one of those crazy weeks: get up early to run hither and yon, work all day, run hither and yon some more. I also lost a night’s sleep to a little mouse who didn’t realize my home was not the best place to hang out. (He’s since been relocated to greener pastures, though I cannot guarantee that his compadres aren’t still on the premises.) All of this, coupled with a cat who needed minor surgery yesterday and fights like a rabid badger when you try to pill her, has made for a very tired and slightly cranky Tricia.

I know I need to cut myself some slack. I’m working full-time and doing two freelance/part-time gigs on the side plus still settling in from my move. But there is such a huge part of me that just thinks everything should have fallen into place by now, a whole eight weeks later…not so much, apparently. This is not to say that I am not so darned grateful and happy to be here – because I SO very much am, every moment of every day. I just crave routine and balance.

I’ll get there. Right?

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