The Shortness of Life

A physician I worked with for several years passed away last week. It was sudden – a heart attack, from what I understand. We had traveled and worked together often but didn’t have the type of relationship where we would have kept in touch after I moved to Virginia. Still, when I heard the news, I was taken aback for a moment.

You hear it said when people pass, "Life is short." "Hug your loved ones." "Make sure you never leave anything unsaid – you just don’t know." All these things are true; all should be paramount in our relationships regardless.

But we get caught up in the day-to-day, in the busyness of the business of life. We get wrapped up in and focused on the petty annoyances of life. We get stuck, stalled out in our jobs, relationships, and even more so, on the path to fulfilling our hopes and dreams. How often do we want to do something but put aside that dream for another day: after the kids graduate, after soccer season, after I retire…and then how often do those things come to fruition?

Think for a moment: what is it that is holding you back? Why or how might it be different in a year, two, sixteen? What would happen if you just took a leap of faith and booked the trip? Ended the relationship? Took a class? Took a walk around the block? Updated the resume? What would happen if you truly seized the day? Would your life be richer for it? I’m betting, in no small way, the answer is and could only be yes.

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