Five Minute Friday: Close

This week, I’m participating in Five Minute Friday, hosted by Lisa-Jo over at Surprised by Motherhood. Each week, Lisa-Jo provides a topic and the goal is to write whatever comes to mind in five minutes:  no overthinking, no editing, and that’s that.  So, here we are…

When I decided to move, I looked at it as a grand adventure.  I felt stuck, overall, in my life and I felt I needed something to jolt me out of that and into the next era.  I was so eager to meet new people, try new things, and have a new life.  Don’t get me wrong – my life was pretty great.  I’m blessed with a wonderful support system of friends and family that I’ve known for years and years and I just assumed that being five plus hours away wouldn’t change that one iota.

Turns out there is something about proximity;  something about being close.

Some of my relationships have changed for the better but some have drifted further afield.  But what I realized is that I really desire that proximity, that closeness.  I posted early on that I didn’t realize that homesickness could be a real, physical ache;  it has been for me, anyway.  There is something about the nearness of those you love, beyond the innate need and desire for hugs and physical contact.  It’s talking to your best friend in 3-D, live and in technicolor.  It’s looking in the eyes of her little guy while he tells you a story.  It’s having a sing-a-long in the car as you travel back from a party together.  You can’t replicate that through a phone call, Facebook, email, or even Facetime or Skype.  There’s just something about being close…

One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Close

  1. HI Tricia – I am your five minute neighbor this week. Thank you for your post. You right there is something about being close! I know exactly what you mean about the physical ache of homesickness. I was never able to go away from home as a child as I would literally go hysterical. Today, I still dont like the idea of not being “close” to my family or the people I care about. In 2 months time, my husband and I are going overseas for 2 weeks on ministry outreach, this week just the thought of it made me feel homesick as I am leaving my family behind. In the end however its a joy to feel this – as I know home means a lot to me! Blessings! Aliyah

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