What’s Your Inside Out Contact Lens?

I spent four hours today with an inside out contact in my eye.

Sometimes when that happens, I know right away.  I’m able to take it out and flip it around before I even leave the bathroom.  Other times, I realize it before I leave the house and rectify it.

But today was a bit different.  Something felt a little off.  It was a little bit scratchy.  It was kind of irritating but I was in a hurry to get to work for a busy day ahead.  Throughout the day, it got more bothersome but I WAS BUSY.  My eye grew a little red.  The irritation grew and grew but I DIDN’T HAVE TIME to stop and go to the ladies room, saline solution in hand, to flip the doggone thing around.

As I dashed to my next meeting, I jokingly posted on Facebook, “My contact has been inside out all day but I’m too busy and probably lazy to flip it.”  The response was instant:

“I couldn’t stand it!”
“I could never do that.  It hurts!”
“How can you stand it?”

It DID hurt.  How COULD I stand it?

I was busy;  I had back-to-back meetings all morning and folks breathing down my neck for things they wished I’d done yesterday.  And I hate having to hike down the hall with my saline and try not to infect my eye with any of the ick that resides in a public restroom.

It was easier to suffer than make a change.

Isn’t that always the way?  We struggle, we suffer, we abide with the pain because we feel like that’s easier, safer, less frightening than taking action.  

What’s your inside out contact lens?  I can promise you you’ve got one – we all do.  Is it your finances? Your weight?  Lack of sleep?  Dealing with that person at work?  Or in your neighborhood or apartment complex?  Addressing that ongoing issue with a friend or family member?  Your job?  Or lack of one?  Maybe it’s a medical test or doctor’s visit you’ve been putting off.  Maybe it’s stepping out in faith on a dream you’ve had for a while but you’ve been too afraid to move.

All of a sudden, I simply couldn’t take it anymore.  I ran back to my office between meetings, grabbed the saline and took care of the issue. Relief was immediate…and I wondered what had taken me so long.

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