Nanowrimo – Say What Now?

Sometimes it’s easier to jump into the pool without testing the temperature.  If you stick your toe in and find it cold, your brain starts obsessing:  “It’s cold.  It’s cold.  Oh, it’s so cold.  Why is it so cold?  Oh, I don’t want to go in there!  Not there!  It’s cold.  It’s cold.  Oh, it’s so cold….”

And so I signed up for Nanowrimo.  Say what now?  Nanowrimo.  Na-no-wri-mo…oh, just click the link already!

For those of you who do not follow instructions well, Nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month.  I’ve signed up in the past but did not follow through and, truthfully, I can’t promise that this time will be any different.  But I do have a few friends who also signed up to participate and, in going with the theme of my life lately, I mean, what the heck?  I have long fancied myself a writer and I do occasionally dabble.  (“Occasionally” being the key word for those of you who actually follow the blog.  Very key.)

The jumping in the pool without testing the water part is that I have no rightly idea what I am going to write about.  My writing is always much more memoir-esque;  the creative end always seems to allude me.  I have a hard time inventing people and lives and all of that when my own world is just so darned entertaining/irritating/confusing/etc, etc, etc.

We shall see!

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