What Not to Wear

I was sad to learn that TLC’s What Not to Wear is going off the air soon.  Besides my great love of Clinton Kelly & Stacy London, I also secretly harbored hope that someday, some “friend” would nominate me.  Because, really, after you get past the horror of being told you are a crappy dresser on national tv, you get $5000 to create a whole new wardrobe with the help of two savvy, snarky, lovely folks.  How can you beat that?  I’ve learned (though not always applied) so much from the show over the years about patterns and colors and styles and, most of all, about fit.  For instance, about the tendency for people to try to hide their flaws but wearing their clothing too big, which ends up drawing attention to rather than away from the area.  It’s all about clothing that fits, and sometimes that may mean getting a piece tailored to make it fit your figure better.

You may remember that I am all about “fit” in 2013 and it got me thinking.  When I first made my big move, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I was going to fit in:  what I could do, what I should do, how I would meet people and make friends.  I tried a lot of different things…and am still trying a lot of different things.  I described it to someone today as “throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.”  An odd metaphor but a metaphor just the same.  And lately, I haven’t been feeling like much is sticking.  I’ve found myself trying to gracefully bow out or take a break from some of the things I thought were going to be the perfect fit for me, the “answer”, if you will..because they just don’t feel right or I just don’t feel like it.  To a degree, some of those feelings may come because I’m disappointed in things not turning out as I had expected;  some may be simply because I’m struggling with a touch of seasonal affective disorder brought on by The Winter That Will Never, Ever (Ever, Ever) End.  Some may be just poor timing.  But others may simply be an issue of fit.  And just like on What Not to Wear, I have to try things on.  I have to look at myself in the 360 mirror, get rid of the old, worn stuff and pick out some new, more flattering things.

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