Hold Your Hands Up High

This new year has been challenging for so many people in my life.  It’s hard to believe we are but a month in;  with the gravity of some of the situations, it feels as though we have already lived the whole year through.

All of this has me thinking about the story in Exodus about Aaron and Hur coming to the aid of Moses.  The Israelites were fighting the Amalekites and as long as Moses held the staff of God up, they were winning the battle. But as soon as he lowered them, they would start to lose.

Have you ever had to hold your hands up for any length of time?  Think of hanging a shower curtain…your arms get tired.  They’re not used to being held in that position for very long.  You may have to stop for a minute before reaching back up.  But holding his hands up was the only way for Moses to protect his friends, his family, his people…and when he got tired, when his arms lowered, they were at great risk and headed for certain defeat.

Moses’ brother, Aaron, and his friend, Hur,  saw what was happening and pulled over a large stone for him to sit on.  Then each one took a side “so that his hands remained steady until sunset.” And the Israelites won the battle.

Whose arms do you need to hold up today?

Or maybe you are like Moses, trying to win a hard battle.  Who is your Aaron?  Your Hur?

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