T is for Trying

And I am trying to:

-finish the alphabet!
-keep up with my Bible study, “No Other Gods”. It’s really good – I’m just constantly behind after Creation, workcamp and trying to get back to “real” life
-reorganize my house
-keep up with the housework
-work with the vet to reduce or eliminate Ramona’s need for insulin
-reconnect with old friends
-stay connected to current friends
-find a new place to spend 40 hours a week
-get up the courage to get an MRI on my knee
-get back on track with my nutrition plan
-do meal planning each week
-keep up with the neverending pile of wash
-finish “Searching for God Knows What” by Donald Miller
-decide what to do about women’s Bible study for the fall
-start a Bible study for young adults
-figure out where we are headed with youth
-decide what I want to do about some other issues that are weighing on me (how’s that for vague!? You love me anyway!)
-go to bed early tonight, since I was up last night with hungry, annoying cats (yes, part of the new plan to get off insulin. Tonight there will be sleeping – no matter what I have to do to get it!)

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