P is for Prayer

Prayer means many different things to different people. To me, prayer is an ongoing conversation with my Lord & Savior. However, I find that in times of extreme stress, like mine as of late, my prayer life becomes as discombobulated as the rest of my life (and me.) I sometimes find myself only able to say, “Lord, please help me” or even simply, “Lord.” I know that this is prayer in itself; He knows what I am going through and what the burdens of my heart are, after all.

This morning, I was driving to work. I had the radio off and wanted to pray for some specific and troubling issues. But I would start and then become distracted by other things – stupid drivers, to do lists, hunger. Much of my prayer was, “I’m sorry, God. I am so easily distracted” and trying to begin again. It is quite frustrating. I guess I mistakenly try to compare myself to others who have these deep and meaningful prayer lives – and then I feel like a failure. A failure at prayer? It really can’t be possible, can it? I don’t truly believe it can. I think merely the desire, the effort, put forth in whatever manner is what God desires…

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