H is for Housecleaning

I am simply not good at it. I’ve made a comfortable, inviting (at least I think so) place…yet my desire to clean and maintain is lackdaisical at best. I have spent most of this week trying to melt 4 inches (literally) of ice out of my freezer. In my efforts, I put a towel in it to soak up the water…and it froze in there. It’s been in there for three days. The ice is off almost every part except the bottom, which is trapping the poor, defenseless towel.

And then there is the ongoing ant problem. They are only in the kitchen, only on the floor by the cat dishes. They don’t crawl up into the dishes or anywhere else. It’s odd (or so I imagine, as I know nothing about ants. I put traps out but apparently they don’t care. I don’t want to use spray because of the cats. So tonight I shook pepper on them – a trick I got off the internet. It seemed to work on the ants in that spot but there were still more. So I sprayed them with Nature’s Miracle. It looks like I got them all but who knows? I have no clue what to do.

And let’s not even talk about the rest of the issues. Monday is reserved for cleaning.


One thought on “H is for Housecleaning

  1. I was going to recommend this stuff my mom used to use called Terro. It's a goop you put on a piece of cardboard. Anyway it attracts the ants but it's poison and I think they take it back with them to the nest. But unless you can keep the cat away, I don't think you can use it. So yeah. I'm no help.

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