Yes, I have been neglecting ye olde blogge lately. I’ve been busy with:

  • Work – big program coming up
  • Bronchitis & pink eye, this week…yeah – at the same time. Whoo hoo!
  • Trying to extract urine from the rug, which in turn made things worse and soaked everything through to the carpet pad
  • Cat issues (see above)
  • Fundraising for workcamp

The good news is I was finally able to give up one church duty I inherited when the founding pastor left two years ago – the bulletins! This was not a labor of love for me; it was just a labor. Or a stone around my neck. Or an albatross. Or whatever. But now it is gone from me (along with the church copier, which has gone to reside with the new pastor, which is what precipitated the carpet shampooing debacle…)

Sadly, that’s all for now.

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