Snow Day!

Well, it wasn’t exactly a snow day – I worked from home, so I didn’t have to brave the roads. I did go out in the evening and had a fun time at a penny party we go to each February. I didn’t win anything (well, I did win a tube of hand cream in the Loser’s round!) but it was fun just the same.

Today I had a terrible migraine for most of the day. There were some things I wanted to do but I got very little done. Now I am having some weird things happening – my left side is kind of tingly and my left foot keeps falling asleep. I know this sounds alarming – but with a rod in your spine, fibromyalgia and a migraine…not all that unusual, really, and could be any number of things related to one of those or even all three combined. I imagine I will be better by morning (the headache is already faded virtually away…just some lingering dull ache) and for now, I am going to wrap up my Sunday School lesson for tomorrow and a couple of fundraising things for workcamp and go to bed!

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