Status Report

Sitting in the bed (!)

Drinking water.

Enjoying being home.

Walking a fine line between my desire to relax and my need to get things done around here.

Reading the Bible in one year. I still need to read today’s (I do it before bed) but so far, I am on track.

Bored by the Miss America pagent that is on tv in the background.

Looking forward to my birthday (month!).

Planning a birthday outing.

Praying for a friend who is struggling, about some changes coming up soon, about a friend…

Grateful that things went well at my programs this week and I made it home safely.

Perplexed as to who I might vote for.

Tired & should be asleep but I slept too much today!

Cleaned up the kitchen counter, even though I was going to leave the mess until tomorrow.

Learning how to better handle situations at work without getting emotional (learning, I said – I am NOT there yet for sure!)

Needing to get some sleep one way or another so I can get up for church & teach the preteen class tomorrow.

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