A New Year is Upon Us

How is it that the year flies by so quickly? Before I know it, summer will be here and with it, workcamp!

I’ve been thinking a lot about resolutions…maybe goals being a better word. My friend Nan & I used to share ours to help each other be accountable; maybe I will have to suggest that again. Posting them here too will make me accountable but I need to get my thoughts clearer before putting them down in print.

So right now, I am watching Steel Magnolias, copying my cds to the computer (so I can finally get my iPod back in action), purging my closet, dresser & sweater chest and making plans for two upcoming parties. Meanwhile, the upstairs neighbor apparently has invited a herd of wild elephants over. My apartment is literally shaking. The cats are scared out of their wits and I am about to lose my mind. One of these times, someone is going to come crashing right through my ceiling…

One thought on “A New Year is Upon Us

  1. Hi T!

    I just found my way back to your page – and may even re-visit mine….. all was lost when my 'puter crashed a few months back.

    Anywho…. I'm thinking perhaps we can try to help each other (accountability-wise) with some 'resolutions' or new years goals. I need all the help I can get!

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