Reading Fool

Anyone who knows me even a little knows that my favorite form of relaxation is reading.  I will put off watching the latest and greatest movies (and often do), doing chores (duh) and a myriad of other things if I am into a book I enjoy.  This has often been a detriment to me, as I have a tendency to stay up too late reading and not get enough sleep! 
All that to say, that I’ve been reading…some books on my fall reading list…some not!
From Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series:
16 Lighthouse Road
50 Harbor Street (yes, I am reading them out of order but I am getting them from the library so this is the best I can do!  But I love the characters and just don’t care about the order – so there!)
Thursdays at 8 – another by Debbie Macomber.  I really enjoy her characters and these are easy reads. 
Peace Like a River by Leif Enger.  I have to admit I read this just because so many people who do these reading challenges here in bloggityland recommend it so highly.  I had a great deal of difficulty getting into it, though I felt story was good and the characters where interesting.  There were several places where I was caught completely off-guard (and thinking back, wonder if I should have been or if I should have seen certain things coming…) and I always enjoy that.  I suppose overall I am glad I read it…but I don’t necessarily agree with all the others on how wonderful it was – it was ok.
Now I am on Back on Blossom Street (yes, another one by Debbie Macomber, part of another one of her series which I AM reading in order!!)  Given my druthers I probably would have stayed up all night last night reading that one but I am feeling somewhat run down and under the weather so I chose an early bedtime instead.

One thought on “Reading Fool

  1. Tricia, I came to your site from Fall into Reading. Was curious to see what you thought of Peace Like a River. Your conclusion – I am glad I read it…but I don't necessarily agree with all the others on how wonderful it was – pretty much sums up how I feel too, and I'm happy I'm not the only one! LOL

    Rebecca LuElla Miller

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