How does my house explode so quickly? It was all nice and clean over the weekend and now it looks like I never did a thing. It is very discouraging, especially when I am down and out with this crazy pain. It is slightly improving, I must admit, though I was sidelined by a leg cramp in the middle of the night last night which is also now paining me. I am a mess.

Tonight was youth and I thought it was good. Our lesson was on forgiveness and we played a song by Wavorly called “Forgive & Forget” that was pretty good. I’m diggin our new curriculum, though I am struggling with how to present the gospel every week. They give you an example, but it always seems a bit stilted and awkward. Maybe I just need to work on it in my own words a little more. It is so important that the gospel is shared every week and that the kids know that it will be when they bring their friends. So pray for me on that accord!

Since our new pastor has come on board, I feel more able (or maybe willing) to share my faith and feel eager again to invite people out or to Bible study or what have you. I’ve been thinking about starting a Bible study at work but am not sure how to approach it. We have a really small office and I don’t want to do anything that they would deem inappropriate. I may ask my coworker who I know is a believer and take it from there. Any ideas?

This weekend I will be doing some serious scrapbooking with Nan and I am really looking forward to that. I have a project I have been putting off that I think I can get done with some dedicated time. And Nan and I always laugh our butts off when we get together and scrap – so it will be great fun. I wish it was the weekend already!

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