I hit a landmark with my last post and didn’t even know it…it was my 400th post. How crazy is that?

Yesterday was a fun day – we went to a Renaissance Faire for the day. It was officially a youth group event but only two of them ended up going. I was disappointed – it is tiring planning things that they say they want to do and then no one shows up. I know it is not the activities that are important but it is still upsetting to me. Anyway, in spite of all this, it was a good day. It is very cool to go each year – and see totally different things than you saw the year before. The best part of the day was the falconer talking about birds of prey. It was very cool to see his 4 month old owl just walking about 20 feet away from me. I was also intrigued to learn that owls grow to their full size after only 45 days. So many things I did not know!

Today didn’t start out well. The change in the weather is apparently wreaking havoc inside my messed up body and I am having a flare up of my fibro. How can fall be my favorite season when it is also the season when I suffer the most? It is terribly depressing and upsetting.

On the bright side, I had lunch with my friend Kris today. We haven’t had time to get together this summer because of my maddening schedule so it was good to see her. We caught up over some great food and then parted ways so she could go watch the Phils win and I could come home and procrastinate the lengthy to do list. As usual, I’m doing my catch up now, at 10 PM. I got a meal made for a person at church who had a baby this week (and one for me) and at least started some wash…but that is only the tip of the iceberg. I feel so lazy, yet I know I’m not lazy. I am just terribly fatigued and then I get overwhelmed and nothing gets done. And this is where I am at right now…hopefully I can get a few more things accomplished before bed, for tomorrow is back to the grind.

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