It’s a Combination of Things Really…

This post will be very random…there is much on my mind, yet it is all sort of disjointed, so you’ll need to bear with me here.
*The pathology came back and my friend’s daughter’s cyst was benign. Hallelujah!  She is definitely on the mend.  She looks good, is getting around better and is getting off the heavy-duty pain meds. 
*I just got back from a weekend in Rhode Island.  Michelle & I took a bus trip to see Beth Moore.  She was wonderful and it was an amazing time of teaching.  Saturday afternoon, we took a mansion tour in Newport.  The Breakers was amazing;  Roseclif, not so much.  I was kind of irritated that the place did not have any of the original furniture, etc.  Plus they were rushing us because they had a wedding coming in 10 minutes.  Then off to the Brick Market, which also did not impress us.  What MOST did not impress us was the temperature dropping and the mist rolling in from the sea.  We were walking around, not dressed appropriately for this sudden change in weather, just WET.  I walked under a tree and swore it was raining but when I stepped out, it was not.  Apparently the mist was so thick that when it came in contact with the leaves, it just ran off like rain.  Interesting…but not very pleasant. 
*My neck is killing me.  I was fine yesterday morning but when I got to work and throughout the day it got progressively worse.  I plastered myself with thermacare heat wraps and took heavy duty pain meds but that just served to make me loopy, not take away the pain.  This morning I thought I was on the mend but am getting progressively worse again throughout the day.  This is painful and irritating. It also makes driving a challenge when you can’t even turn your head for wanting to cry.  Someone at work recommended a place that does massages and they are fitting me in at 2:30 for a 15 minute chair massage.  I can’t really afford it but frankly I will do anything to try to relieve this pain.
*Kittyzilla survived her first boarding experience.  When I arrived to pick her up, the vet tech told me I would have to get her out of the cage myself.  I knew that meant it did not go well!  Her cage was plastered with brightly colored signs saying, “CAUTION:  AGGRESSIVE”, “CAUTION:  LUNGES” (which I found somewhat amusing) and other various things.  Upon seeing me, however, her demeanor completely changed to the kind and loving kitty I know.  We bid them adieu and hightailed it home and now all is right with her kitty world. 
*I can’t recall if I posted that we have a new pastor.  I cannot begin to tell you how glad I am that the search is over.  This was a ROUGH one and I shan’t participate in a such a thing again.  Now the problem is that he has to complete something before beginning and we had thought that it would be completed in time for him to start this weekend.  No dice…but I am working on.
*My youth are homeless again.  It is amazingly difficult to find somewhere for a youth group to meet every week when you don’t have a building.  I have one last plan in the works but if that doesn’t work out, I haven’t a clue what I will do.  And youth group starts next week!
*I went to see Becoming Jane last night with two of my youth & their mom (my friend).  It was good but sad.  I knew the ending was not happy, of course, going in but it was still sad. 
*I have another two movies from Netflix that I have probably had three months.  Which is so ridiculous!  I can’t find time in my life to watch a freaking movie???  That’s not entirely true.  I often make conscious decisions to do other things like read or watch CNN or something along those lines.  So it is more that I don’t choose to make the time.
That’s all the randomness I can take for now.  Ta ta!

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