I can’t even begin to express how awesome Creation was.  I regret not having gone before!  Mostly, that was due to my inherent fear of camping.  But I heard that Casting Crowns was playing – and Tobymac on the same night – and I knew I had to see them! 
Michelle & I make the trek out to Agape Farm on Friday morning.  I was totally amazed by the sheer numbers of people – my understanding is that there were 70,000!  We came up to the campsite where others from our church were and took care of a few things before heading down to the main stage to see Grits.  I haven’t seen them before but they were pretty good.  Then we hoofed it back to the campsite and I dragged David out to a youth leader talk back with Tobymac. 
Regardless of how you feel about hip hop music, Tobymac is a man of God.  He has such a heart for people and for teenagers.  I was so glad I got to see him speak and tell his own testimony, stories of his family and his wife, and the importance of meeting teens where they are.  Preach it, brother!
We all had dinner together and then headed back to the main stage.  Michelle, Sarah & I went to look at the vendors and then headed down front for Tobymac with Casey & Liz.  Let me just say, he did not disappoint!! 
We headed back up and sat with the rest of our group for Casting Crowns and the candlelighting ceremony.  It was so incredibly amazing to see thousands and thousands of candles lighting up the night while Casting Crowns sang & prayed.  Incredible!
We hung out around the campfire after that but I was exhausted. Luckily, David & Michelle were kind enough to let me sleep in their trailer (which definitely made the “camping” part MUCH more palatable!) 
The next morning, I dragged Michelle, Casey & Sarah down to see Mandisa.  She was exceptional!  Her new album comes out July 31st and you know I will be running out that day to get one.  She has a beautiful voice and I loved her story.  She talked about the trials she went through on American Idol and afterwards and how God has brought her out of all of that – it was really powerful (more than I can do it justice here!)  We sat and listened to a speaker then and went through the vendors again before heading back to the campsite for lunch. 
Michelle, Casey & I went to the Fringe stage afterwards to hear John Rueben.  He was a hoot!  I keep hearing his songs over & over in my head (guess I need his CD too!)  Then we went over to hear Duffy Robbins speak about the teenage mind.  I’ve been to a seminar he taught before and really enjoyed his message.  He said a lot of things that made me think – both about my kids and some notions I’ve had that aren’t right and need to be changed….
Then David & I walked up to the vendors again (this time I actually bought something!) and walked by hundreds of people lined up for the baptism.  I’ve since seen pictures and it is simply amazing.
Michelle & I wanted to get on the road early so we left right at dinner time.  It was a long & boring ride home but I was glad to get in early, and sleep a full night in my own bed.
I am so thankful for this experience this weekend.  It was really exactly what I needed!!  Yay, God!!!!

2 thoughts on “Creation

  1. This sounds like such a wonderful time!
    It reminds me of Jesus Northwest, which took place every summer for years, but I guess finally stopped just a few years back.
    It started when I was a teen, and I got to see Evie and Amy Grant standing in the back of a truck, waving at all of us- they were both teens, too! 🙂

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