Rain, rain, go away

Actually, it’s not the rain that is the problem – it’s the thunderstorms. For only the second time in my career, I had to cancel a program due to weather. There is just no way to get the instructor there because all the flights are canceled. And unfortunately, my local contact was already gone for the day. I sent emails, left voicemails with my cell number…not much else I can do at this point. Yet there is a part of me that feels like it is somehow my fault – which I know logically it is not.

I hope the weather clears up for an upcoming adventure! More on that later.

Tonight I am cleaning, doing laundry and catching up with a friend at a new coffee house at a local “mega” church. I’m interested to see what they’ve got going on there – and she says they have peppermint patty smoothies; I mean, really, who could pass that up?

2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away

  1. Hi…I found your blog through Lisa's…thanks for sharing how those seeds of VBS continued to grow unto salvation. I am sure all of heaven was cheering-praise God that when we share, God continues to use those seeds to the point of Harvest.

    thanks again for sharing
    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. And so it seems Kimmie and I both had the same idea! Popped over to say thanks for stopping by my site and also to say thank you for your word of testimony of the grace of our God!


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