I am beat. I spent the day at an outdoor flea market with my mom, aunt and their cousins. The flea market left a lot to be desired but it was good to be out and about. After we got back, we went out to dinner with my dad for a belated Father’s Day meal. I came home, watered the plants and took a shower and have been online since – checking email, catching up on bloglines, and checking in with my Beth Moore Bible study gals. We have our second meeting on Sunday and I am looking forward to hearing what they all are thinking. I so hope they love this study as much as I do. I pray that they are doing the homework and working through it all, because I know that that is what will help them learn and grow.

I need to post my results of the Spring Reading Thing this weekend. I know I’m behind (surprise!) but I really do want to get that done. I read A LOT more than what I planned but still didn’t get to some of the books on my list. Oh well!

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