Another busy weekend is behind me. I have to admit, I did virtually nothing today until about 7 PM…because I desperately needed some downtime. Saturday was our yard sale for workcamp…we only made $68 but I guess that is better than nothing. And people got to get rid of some of their stuff. We took all the “leftovers” to the local thrift store, so no one had to take their stuff back home.

Then I ran up to my parents house. My dad was out of town so my mom and I went out and bought him a father’s day present, went shopping, had dinner and then went to get ice cream. It was a fun night – the highlight was the two of us making him a father’s day card to go with the gift. My stomach hurt from laughing so hard – it was hysterical!

Today I taught our elementary class. They were really rammy with school just being out but we had some fun. At the end of the lesson, I gave them some affirmation statements. First, before I let them read them, I talked to them about how sometimes people can be mean and hurt our feelings by saying things that aren’t very nice to us. But that what other people say shouldn’t matter – it’s what God thinks about us that is important. I talked to them a lot about God having a plan for their lives. They were all very quiet when they read their affirmations and I hope that it hit home with some of them. Sometimes it is hard to tell – but I pray that what we are doing there each week with these kids, in their lives, is making a difference. That when they have a bad day or are in a tough situation, they remember a verse or story we studied and it helps them get through and come out stronger on the other side.

I ran around on the way home taking down the yard sale signs (gosh, it was HOT) and then came home and checked on my dad’s flight status for my mom. It’s cool – on Delta airlines, they have a feature that will show you on the map where a flight is!

After lunch, I read and watched the race (and was happy Carl Edwards won so his poor bus driver could finally shave his beard off!) and just about the time my mom was supposed to head to the airport, she called and said she’d been bitten by a spider. Spiders, as you may know, are my arch enemies. But she was worried about it and didn’t know what to do so I suggested she put benadryl cream on it and take benadryl tablet with her to the airport in case she needed it and my dad could drive her home (or to the hospital!) But then I decided to google the spider based on her description.


I’m sure I am going to dream about these gruesome creatures tonight. And I never did find the one she described. Apparently, though, she is ok and didn’t have any serious adverse reaction. The benadryl probably helped.

I went out and put more soil in my flowerbed and watered the plants. My neighbor no longer lets me use the hose closest to the flower bed because its hers and she doesn’t want to pay the extra for the water bill, which is fine…except the hose from my side of the house (completely around the house) doesn’t quite reach. So I’m standing about 8 feet away, trying to aim the stream into the bed and pots. It’s really quite an amusing sight. But it does the job…and those poor flowers need it – we are going to have temps in the mid 90s all the live long week. Ick.

Then I had to run around and do dishes and litterboxes and such. I do this ever Sunday – I sleep or lie around and then at about 8 PM I become a lunatic, trying to get things done around here that I didn’t do all weekend. And then I lament, why oh why do I always do this??!?!!?? And yet I do it again.

And now it is time for some much needed shut-eye.


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