I am sick. I came home early from work yesterday and stayed home today. I slept off and on until about 1:30 and then got up and ate some soup and laid around. I started feeling better around dinner time and now my nose is running like it will never stop. I’ve gone through a box and a half of tissues since yesterday!! I hate being sick…I know, who doesn’t? I just feel like whining.

I am supposed to be scrapbooking this weekend and nothing is going to stop that – though no one might want to sit near me!! I’ll bring my tissues. And lysol.

5 thoughts on “Wahhhhhhhhh

  1. I hope that you are able to have a good weekend, despite your nose. I am so anxious to start scrapbooking again. I am excited to try some “freesyle” scrapbooking. No rules, just for fun. Anything would be great! Good luck!

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