Crank it up

I don’t know if it was the remnants of the killer headache from yesterday or what but I was cranky today. I don’t think I started out that way but as soon as I opened my email, it began.

I always like to just let people know of my crankiness from the get-go, trying then to not let it pervade everything else. I tried to focus on a few unique projects I’ve got going this week – a presentation tomorrow, some deadlines later in the week, a presentation next Monday to the largest group I’ve ever spoken in front of, plus the normal projects, church stuff, etc. I ended up staying a little bit later than usual and then running some errands on my way home.

Now I am sitting here, alternating between the need to do some things around the house, the desire to learn more about something so I can start a part-time gig at it, and getting into bed and watching a DVD.

The DVD will probably win.

Speaking of DVDs, last night I finally watched “The Illusionist”. It was a fine film – I highly recommend it. Despite my innate desire to figure everything out, I was surprised in the end. Not totally 100% surprised but a very good part surprised.

And because I have completely random, eclectic taste…tonight’s movie will be “Click”*. (I guess that decides it – I’m not doing anything productive tonight!)

I need to put “Blood Diamond” and “The Queen” in my queue. Any other suggestions? I heard “The Prestige” is very good.

*UPDATED: Ok, maybe it is my cranky mood but I could really have done without seeing this one….

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