Pure Office Space

I know there is still much partying going on in this crazy, bloggityville of ours – over 700 folks, I hear! Many thanks to all who swung by my place – it’s been great to meet you and visit a while!

Today I have a funny tale to regale you all with – ala “Office Space”, hence the appropo red Swingline adorning my page.

In my previous place of business, which shall of course remain nameless, I encountered…well, much weirdness. I had difficulty socializing and could go days without speaking to anyone but my boss – and if you know me at all, you KNOW that that just ain’t me!

There was also a great deal of trouble with my name. My first nameplate said “Trisha” and when I informed the office manager that that was incorrect, I instead got one that said “Lricia”. Yes, Lricia. Seriously! And “while they ordered me a new one” (read: tried to appease me but really did nothing), they fixed it to read my real name with WHITE OUT. When paging or calling me, I was called Tina, Theresa, Terez, and other variations of names beginning with “T”. I do need to insert the disclaimer here, however, that this seems to be an ongoing theme. I recently received something in the mail addressed to Trichina (yes, I did) and had someone call for me and ask for Twila.

Yes, ma’am.

Anyway, I left said previous place of business several months ago (note the use of the word “months” – as in less than six – not “years”). The other week, I got home to find a number I recognized but could not place on the caller id and a voicemail.

The voicemail was from the hiring manager at said previous place of business.

Who “came across my resume from a long time ago” (read: “fall of 2005”) and didn’t know if I was still looking but wanted to talk to me about ___________ position.


That I had left less than 6 months before.

This was not an offer to come back.

It was an offer to come in the first place.

She had NO IDEA that I had been employed in that position for nearly a year and it was my previous job she was trying to fill.

Now, granted, she was new there – but surely my name or file or SOMETHING must somehow be on record, filed, whatever related to this position.

Needless to say, (but I’ll say it anyway) I called her back. And told her that I had already held that position, in fact it was because I had left that she was trying to now fill it.

And she actually laughed out loud. And told me I made her day.


Yeah, welcome to my world.

5 thoughts on “Pure Office Space

  1. This is the funniest story you've posted on this blog yet.

    “This was not an offer to come back.

    It was an offer to come in the first place.”


  2. I stumbled upon your page…my name is Tricia also. I am not sure why people have such a hard time with the name “Tricia”. While I mostly get Theresa, I have been called names pronounced “Treecy” and “Treeceeah”. These are not even real names!

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