The "T" Meme

I haven’t done an meme in a while, so here’s a fun one! You answer the questions with words starting with the first letter of your first name.

1. Famous Athlete: Tony Stewart
2. 4-letter word: task

3. Street name: Tree Hill (ha! and I’ve never even watched that show!)
4. Color: Taupe

5. Gifts/present: Tea
6. Vehicle: Tahoe
7. Tropical Location: Tahiti
8. College Major: Tourism
9. Dairy Product: Tapioca pudding

10. Things in a Souvenir Shop: T-shirts
11. Boy Name: Thomas
12. Girl Name: Tina
13. Movie Title: Thank You for Smoking (it’s on my netflix queue!)

14. Alcohol: Tequila
15. Occupation: Teacher
16. Flower: tulip
17. Celebrity: Thandie Newton
18. Magazine: Town & Country (which I am now subscribed to by default. I subscribed to Weekend magazine after it’s launch…and apparently subsequent cancellation. So I get Town & Country as my consolation “prize”)
19. U.S. City: Tampa
20. Pro Sports Team: Tennessee Titans
21. Something Found in a kitchen: toast

22. Reason for Being Late: traffic
23. Something You Throw Away: tofu (yuck!)
24. Things You Shout: Thank you!
25. Cartoon Character: Tweety Bird

That was easy. Grab the list and have fun on your blog and let me know so I can come read yours.

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