I am tired.

I had a training I had to go to this morning, then to look at a potential office space for the church, then to the mall (can’t miss a really good sale!), then home briefly, then to a demonstration of one of my favorite things – Tastefully Simple! Then to the pet store and grocery store. Once I finally got home, put dinner in the oven and checked email, it was time to get working on my course…which I am SO behind in, I cannot even tell you. I emailed the instructor before I left for Arizona, asking if I could take an incomplete and retake it later. She wrote back that this was not an option and did I think I could finish. Well, I’m on unit 4, there are 12 units and I have to have it done by the 31st.



But I am trying. I’m in unit 5 now, but have some reading to do.

But I’d really rather go to bed!!

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