The meeting went well. The policy manuals weren’t three-hole punched or bound but I brought the punch and people could do it themselves if they wanted. If not, they were still in a nice folder that would hold everything with no problem.

This meeting is always amazing to me. Three years ago, our team was tiny and was pretty much one ministry. We have grown to about 25 people and into a ministry with multiple components and leaders. I have to admit, too, that I am so thankful to God for raising up the leadership of this group. The vision he gave me for this ministry can only come to fruition through them and their teams. They are such a dedicated group – who care deeply for the children and youth and for our church overall.

It has been a hectic week, which turned into a very hectic weekend. Unfortunately, for several reasons, it doesn’t look like there is any end in sight in that regard. I think I am soon going to need a retreat weekend away!

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