Another Day

Back to work, back to routine.

It was hard getting going today…and keeping going. I so badly want to finish up the office/spare room clean out, mainly because I feel like there is now stuff everywhere. But this will probably have to wait until Saturday – I can do a bit here and there before that but the major sorting needs to be finished when I have more time to dedicate.

Tonight I came home from work, made a Dream Dinner (lemon chicken piccata – yum!), sorted a few things, ate dinner and went to home group. I called the Y on the way to group and asked how late they were open and I decided then and there that even though it was “late”, I was going after group. I stayed around and talked longer than I planned and it was 45 minutes before closing when I turned down the street. BUT I DID IT. I went in and did almost the full workout the trainer had worked out for me. It’s not much, because my frail body can’t handle much, but I did it! I was very proud of myself – and now I know that I can fit it in to my schedule, even if it is after everything else in the routine is finished for the night. I’m kind of worried it might keep me up, exercising so late, but I’m feeling tired now so hopefully it won’t!

I got home and sorted a bit more and paid bills that I was ridiculously behind on. It’s amazing what I let slip over the holidays. And crazy, too! But that’s organized and caught up on at least and that makes me happy. Now I have a couple other things to do and then it is off to bed for the workout queen!

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