Rest in Peace

I watched the funeral service this evening for President Gerald Ford. Although I am too young to remember much, if anything, about his presidency, I do remember my Grammy coming to the house on election day. She asked me who I thought should be the next president – Gerald Ford or Jimmy Carter. I said that I thought Mr. Ford should be the next president and when she asked me why, I said because he seemed like a nice grandpa. I remember crying when they told me later that Jimmy Carter had won and would be our next president instead.

And so tonight, I watched and cried for Mrs. Ford who lost her love of nearly 60 years and for their children and grandchildren and those who dearly loved this man. I cried because I miss my Grammy, especially at this time of year.

I wish that I could drive down to DC and walk in the rotunda, to pay my respects to this man but I don’t want to make the trip alone. So I will stay close by the television and absorb as much as I can. I so appreciated one of the eulogies tonight that ended with “well done, good and faithful servant”. It is what we all want to hear some day and I believe he already heard them, Tuesday evening after his passing.

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