And a Surprise

Well, almost a surprise.

We planned Michelle’s birthday party (I won’t reveal which one but it’s a nice round number)for the Saturday after Thanksgiving. We told her it was scrapbooking night and thought we had her fooled. But she had an inkling!

The biggest surprise of the night wasn’t the lovely family rendition of “Happy Birthday” (and let me just say this – we had to warn those who aren’t familiar with this rendition and also ask them to cover up any small children’s ears! No, not because it is bawdy but because it is LOUD AND OFF KEY. It’s really quite a thing to behold!)
The real surprise of the evening was that her big brother Tim, his wife Fran and their son, Jesse, came up for it. That was really the icing on the cake and made Michelle’s birthday complete.

We love ya, baby! Happy birthday!

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