Sorry for not posting more often lately. I am swamped at work – still trying to find my way around my new job, I guess. I’m also exhausted and fighting my annual fall flare up of the fibro monster. I’m having to do a great deal of positive, encouraging self-talk to get even the bare minimum done at home. And it definitely shows!

I wanted to sign up for the 30-day organizing challenge over at I’m an Organizing Junkie but I knew I couldn’t commit to it. I need some major help, especially in my spare room. I showed photos of this mess before and I can’t bear to show what it looks like now. I just have no time to take care of it and no where to put everything in an organized fashion. It’s driving me nuts. I need to tear the room apart and start over. I hate not being able to find things…and I’ve lost some software I really, really need to keep my act together. It’s here somewhere…but, oh, where!

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