I’m so bad at thinking of creative titles!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. I wrapped things up at my job last Friday – literally down the wire! Every day they were giving me something new to take care of…some of it a little ridiculous, I might add…and I was also trying to get things organized and sorted out nicely for whomever they hire to replace me. So that was a little stressful!

In the midst of it, my friend Kim got very sick and ended up in the hospital for most of the week. They are still unsure whether it was a terrible migraine or viral meningitis. Why they are not sure, I don’t know…but they are not. She came home last Friday, thankfully, but was still not feeling well. Even now she’s not 100% but she is improving.

Last Sunday, Michelle & I went to the Nascar race at Dover. The traffic is so horrendous! They close the exit that takes you directly to the track – you have to pass it and it takes another HOUR (no, I am not exaggerating) to get to the track. The race was great – we had a lot of fun and the forecasted thunderstorms held off until right as the race ended. We had a scary moment when the announcers started saying to move “quickly and smoothly out of the stands; the storm is fast approaching”. Metal stands, thunderstorms… not a good combination! But we made it out safely and only got partially drenched in the downpour. Then we sat for THREE HOURS trying go get out of the parking lot! It took us five hours total to get home…and the track is only about 2 hours away. Maddening!!

Monday I spent the day with Mom. Her birthday was earlier in the month and we went out to Lancaster for the day. It was a lot of fun. And as usual, we spent WAY too much money. But it was a good day.

Wednesday, I started my new job. So far, so good! It’s a very small office and everyone seems very nice. I have done a great deal of reading to become familiar with the project that is going to be mine. I’m still very nervous because it’s a different job than I’ve ever had – has some of the same elements as my past work but not entirely. So there will be a learning curve but I’m hoping to catch on fast.

Today I had a pastoral management team meeting for several hours this morning and am now trying desperately to get some things done before heading out for an all-day youth outreach. It’s already going on but I needed to get some things done at home and also needed to start my new Children’s Ministry course (Intro to Christian Ed…you’d think I would have taken that BEFORE Pastoring Children but I have to be a rebel sometimes!) I just finished the first unit. I’m hoping to do a unit a week and stay on track this time. I was SO far behind with the previous class it was ridiculous. I just have to factor in time each week and focus.

Well, tata for now…gotta dash!

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  1. Years ago I attended an Indi race at the Texas Motor Speedway. The storms also approached as we exited the stands. A boy 20 feet from me was struck by lightning. I don't remember if he survived.

    My son was with me. Scary.

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