Out of Sorts

I am feeling odd. Kind of unwell but unable to put my finger on what exactly is ailing me. I know I am nervous about the new job and trying desperately do everything my current boss wants, in the way she wants it, before I leave Friday. I’m also trying to finish up my online course on pastoring children that I have allowed to drag out W.A.Y. T.O. L.O.N.G. I have the final unit to complete, some reading, verification of 6 weeks of continuous children’s ministry service (ahem), a book content quiz, a final exam and two interviews with children’s pastors to complete. I’d like to have it all completed tomorrow.


Believe it or not, I finished the final unit, the book content quiz, service verification and final exam tonight! Now I just need to interview the two children’s pastors and submit them and I am all finished!!

One thought on “Out of Sorts

  1. Starting a new job is nerve wracking. It always took me months to feel comfortable. But good for you on getting so much accomplished in your children's ministry.

    I'm stopping by to thank you for the encouraging words you left on my post at Faith Lifts today. I really appreciate knowing I'm not the only one who still has to work on watching my mouth.

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