Four Days!

So what did I do with my four days, you ask? I know y’all are waiting with baited breath.

Well, Friday I had lunch with a friend and bought some lovely shoes. I never thought of myself as a shoe girl but as of late, I’m finding only certain brands and styles will do.

Friday night I had dinner with Doris & Jim, which was very nice. We’ve been meaning to do it forever but it’s always this or that coming up with me and we never get to it. I’m glad we finally did!

Then the best fun of all.

I did “fall” housecleaning the rest of the weekend. Actually, it cannot properly be categorized as “fall” housecleaning, I suppose, when there’s been no “spring” cleaning or frankly much cleaning at all going on in these parts. I moved furniture, I wiped down walls, I even did a window…yes, only one! Chalk that one up to an unfortunate ice tea accident…

Now my body is telling me that fibromyalgia and heavy-duty housecleaning do not mix. Especially in the fall in the northeast, when it is apparently going to just rain right on through until it’s cold enough to snow.

I only got the living room, bedroom, hall & bathroom done. I started on the kitchen yesterday and just couldn’t go any further – I was plumb tuckered. (I’m pretending the office/spare room doesn’t exist for the moment.)

Now, I think I’m going to curl up and watch my latest Netflix delivery – Must Love Dogs. I don’t think it is going to be a classic but hey, it’s got John Cusack in it. You can’t beat that.

No foolin’.

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