Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I would do if money were no object. I would:

  1. Quit my job.
  2. Buy a house. Or two. Or three. One by my family and friends, one by the sea, and one in the mountains.
  3. Pay off all my bills and my parents’ bills and my dear friends’ bills.
  4. Do ministry full time.
  5. Go on more missions trips…more trips, more often.
  6. Donate large sums of money and equal amounts of my time to causes and organizations I care about.
  7. Visit all the places I have ever wanted to visit
  8. Buy my parents a house in Maine to retire to.
  9. Buy my parents a fancy RV to get to the house in Maine with all the dogs in tow.
  10. Pay for the education of the children near and dear to me (…and maybe others I do not know as well!)
  11. Buy a building for our church!
  12. Buy an airplane to be used for Angel Flights.
  13. Make a sick child’s wish come true, whatever that wish may be.

This list was harder than you’d think to come up with. I guess I’ve never given it too much thought beyond the first few, really.

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